Bernard SCOTT

Bernard Scott had the honorary position of Gordon Pask Professor of Sociocybernetics at the International Center for Sociocybernetics Studies, a virtual institute with headquarters in Bonn, Germany (now closed). Previously he was Reader in Cybernetics, Cranfield University, UK. He is a Fellow and founder member of the Cybernetics Society (UK), an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Fellow of the American Society for […]


Robert J Martin is a composer, psychologist, and professor emeritus at Truman State University. He completed a doctorate in educational psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with an interdisciplinary thesis guided by Heinz von Foerster and Herbert Brun. He has a life-long interest in composition, creativity, learning, psychotherapy, constructivism, and cybernetics/systems science. He has written three books, and numerous articles. He is a […]


Professor Emeritus at George Washington University and current President of the International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences, advocates a Conceptual Systems approach to understanding and dealing with political differences.

Daoping WU

Dr. Daoping Wu studies interdisciplinary in fields of linguistics and computer science. He works for the various Federal Government agencies as IT Specialist and doing history and linguistic studies in spare time. He earned his Ph.D. of Formal Linguistics from the University of Maryland in 1992 and his M.A. of Theoretical Linguistics from Fudan University in 1985.

The Current Stealth War from China

The Current Stealth War from China — Wei Jingsheng’s Speech at the George Washington University Seminar on China February 14, 2020 The recent Wuhan pneumonia has caused panic all over the world.  There is already a lot of evidence, and most Chinese netizens have thought that this as the consequence of the research on biological warfare by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  It is not a secret […]

George Washington University Seminar

George Washington University Seminar & the Club of Remy Joint Organizing: Roundtable Discussions on (1) the Current Stealth War Attack from China; (2) the Unintended Consequences of Social Media Impact to Our Society; and (3) Threats and Opportunities in the Global Race for Influence, Law of Requisite Variety, Complexity and Reflexivity.   Date: February 14, 2020 Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Location:  Ric & […]

Jian Ren HUANG

Dr. Jian Ren Huang (Penname Ge Qiushan) is a well-published active writer focused on reflecting Chinese social-cultural problems besides his retired professional career as a mechanical engineer, software engineer and associate professor. He had an eight-year gulag experience inside one of the labor camps of the Chinese Communist Party due to his dissident viewpoints in his college years.  His writings can be found at  […]

John (Jia Liang) HAN

Dr. John J.L. Han has a background of physics, computer science, fuzzy logics, and artificial intelligence. He is currently an independent researcher focused on political philosophy and theology after a number of research and teaching appointments at Griffith University, Victoria University, DeVry University, Bowie State University and University of Southern Queensland. His working experience in multiple countries enables him a wider-angle cross-cultural perspective. He lives […]


Senior editor at Foreign Policy. Palmer is the author of The Bloody White Baron: The Extraordinary Story of the Russian Nobleman Who Became the Last Khan of Mongolia and The Death of Mao: The Tangshan Earthquake and the Birth of the New China. He won the Shiva Naipaul Prize for travel writing in 2003.


Author of Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept. Retired from the U.S. Air Force as a brigadier general after more than twenty-six years of service. He completed his career as the senior director for strategic planning to the president at the National Security Council, and was the chief architect for the National Security Strategy. He is a former China strategist for […]