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Four China Strategy

Panda Heart Dragon Skin

Culture Evolution

Culture Gene Hypnosis

Concepts of Models Within Improvisation & the Nature of Change

The Influence of Neurophysiology on Cybernetics

Discussion: What is System Change?

Social Systems Change Experiments

How (not) to Engage with Black Lives Matter Movement?

My Cases discussion

My Karma with Cybernetics

Discussion on My Karma with Cybernetic

Get Out Jail Card

Introducing WINTOP Round-table Leadership Program

Cybernetics ToolBox

Cybernetic Tools

Two Sciences Two Differing ToolSets

The Possibility of Second Order Science

Second-Order Cybernetics

Science - Realist Assumptions, Constructivist Operation

Postnormal Science - Climate and Epidemiology

Self-Reference and Second-Order Observation in Social Science

Second-Order Science - Future Work Prospects

A Discussion of Second Order Science

Stealth War Attack from China

Strategies to Deal With Two Culture-Gene Groups

The Current Stealth War from China

Telecommunication Threats in Current Context

Abuse of Social Media

Review of China Influece Since Nixon

The Unintended Consequences of Social Media

Law of Requisite Variety and Complexity in Government Agencies