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Time: (Wednesdays, English Sessions):

–    11 AM EDT

–    8 AM Phoenix

–    8 AM California

–    3 PM London, Lisbon

–    4 PM Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Maribor, Ljubljana

Time (Fridays, Chinese Sessions):

8-10 AM Arizona
8-10 AM California
11 AM – 1 PM Washington DC

Past Events

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2020 Events

2021 Events:

– November 10th, Wednesday

1-  Klaus Krippendorff: Four theories of using language

2-  Larry Richards: Bits and Pieces of a Cybernetic Approach to Language

3-  Joe Velikovsky: The UNITS & LEVELS of: Language!

4-  Louis H. Kauffman​​: Cybernetics, Language and Reflexive Domains


-October 12th, Tuesday, Chinese Session 

Qiang XU, Beifang ZHOU, Susan LIU, Jason HU together:  Three Critical Questions of Our Time: How Do We Resolve Conflicts Between Our Mainstream Story System And Human Knowledge Explosion Since Renaissance? What Are the Functionality of Faith System for Our Civilization and How Do We Revitalize It Today? What Are the Relationship Among Rationality, Emotionality, Sustainability and Civilization Development?


October 6th, Wednesday

·        Lucas Pawlik: Our Current Dilemma (Threats from A.I., bioweapon & “1984”)

·        Michael Ellis: Global Transition to A Sustainable Civilization

·        Jason Hu: Civilization Evolution at Crossroads: Options Ahead According to Multiple Agent Self-Organization Perspective


– September 8th, Wednesday

CoR Extra Special: “What Lessons We Can Learn from these Five Wars” (Part II, English Session)

(This session will last three hours with five discussants.)

1-      Glenda Eoyang: USA Past, Present and Future: A Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective

2-      Stuart Umpleby:  Two Conceptions of War – from Two Systems of Ethical Cognition

3-      Deeanna Burleson: Is It Really Unintended Consequences: Sensemaking in and around “political” conflicts

4-      HUANG Ciping (rep. WEI Jingsheng):  Reasons for the American Failures from Historical Perspective

5-      Jason Hu: How Many Boys Are Crying Wolf & How Many Wolves Are Indeed Out There??? – A Meta-Reflection on American’s Five External Wars


September 7th, Tuesday

CoR Extra Special: “What Lessons We Learn from these Five Wars” (Part I, Chinese Session)

(This session will last three hours with five discussants.)

1-      WEI Jingshen: Reasons for the American Failures from Historical Perspective  魏京生: 从历史上看美国失败的原因

2-      SU Xiaokang:  The Sacrifice of Utopian Morality  What We Do When Our Value of Human Rights Encounter Unrestricted War 苏晓康:道德乌托邦祭  当人权价值遭遇超限战

3-      ZHOU Beifang: The Christian National Spirit And The American Mourn from Its Interventions of Local Wars  周北方:基督教立国精神与局部战争介入的美国之殇

4-      LIU Susan:  The Misplacement of Strategies and the Social-Psychological Foundations for Gaming Between Big States  刘苏珊:从策略的错配谈大国博弈中的社会心理基础

5-      XU Qiang: Proposing State-Based Showcase Project Defending Conservative Value System Against the Progressives’ Abuse of Value  徐强:保卫保守价值观及对抗所谓“进步派”的价值滥用的州立项目建议


September 1st:

Gennady Shkliarevsky, Carl Goldberg, Peter Cariani: (Three Different Perspectives on) the Paradox of Observing, Autopoiesis, and the Future of Social Sciences.


August 4th: 

Maurice Yolles: Autopoietic Efficacy – A Metacybernetic View – Some Ideas;  Jonathan Huxley: Viable Society – Or Different Types of Social Structures that Fit Our Ideas in System Theory;  Jason Hu: Appropriateness Between Reductionism and Holism, and Feed-left vs Feed-right – Increasing Communicative Coordination vs. Increasing Cognitive Resolution and “Realness”; 

July 7th:

Lucio Biggiero: Reductionism, Weak Reductionism, Anti-Reductionism: Where Do We Place?  Jerry LR Chandler: From the Perspective of the Implications of Logical Synduction and Obligation;  Jason Hu: Appropriate-Reductionism with Two Strategies Derived from Ashby’s LRV – Feedleft vs Feedright – Increasing Feasibility vs. Increasing Cognitive Resolution;

June 30th: 

21st Century Agoras – Cocreating Civitas of the Future through Democratic Dialogue Culture. Heiner Benking: Futures and Challenges for Democracy between Technology and Individualism; Peter Jones: The Once and Future Agoras: Sustaining People, Place, and Principles in Wicked Social Problems; Tom Flanagan: 21st Century Agoras: Translating a corporate model for inclusive collaborative design into the civic culture.

June 16th:

Second Session on Maurice Yolles’s topic of Meta-Cybernetics:  William Reckmeyer: Homo Cybernetics; Jason Hu: Twelve Types of Cybernetic Circular Causalities; Maurice Yolles: From Metacybernetics to Mindset Agency Theory.

June 15th 

(Chinese session, same time with English sessions from now on every Tuesday)  Jason Hu & Susan Sun co-authoring project:  Emergence of Totalitarian Phenomenon – from the perspective of Cultural DNA, Cultural Identity Core, and Cultural Gene Evolution and Re-engineering. Qiang Xu: Are We on A New Road to Serfdom? – Observations on American Society Today.

June 9th: 

Pandemic of Bulges – How can we steer ourselves to move and eat better;

Lucas Pawlik(video); Namrata Singh(video);

June 8th:

Comparing 4 Cases of Collective Cooperation Efforts

Susan Sun: Rationality Degree in Decision-Making Perspective
Dahang Wei: Emotional Dynamics Perspective
Qiang Xu: Conflict Resolution Perspective
Jason Hu: Cultural Gene Hypothesis Perspective

May 28th: (In Chinese)  

Frazer Xia: Synapse Pruning and the Formation of Cognitive Framework;  

Susan Sun:  A New Tool to Listen to the Cries from Afar (in Rational Decision-Making);

Jason Hu: Six Directions/Types of Cybernetic Feeds – Back, Forward, Up, Down, Left, Right.

May 26th:

Maurice Yolles: Metacybernetics: Towards a General Theory of Higher-Order Cybernetics;

Jerry LR Chandler: Third-Order Bio-cybernetics.  Non-Boolean Higher-Order Categories of Living Systems;

Larry Richards: Cybernetics: A Cure for Hierarchy and Meta-Anything?  

May 19th:

Mustafa Akyol: Reopening Muslim Minds: A Return to Reason, Freedom, and Tolerance;

Carl Goldberg: Obstacles for Muslims to Open Mind;

Jason HuMy Suggestion to Jerusalem for A Possible Solution of the Deadlock, or, Why It Is Not Possible?

May 12th: 

Andy Williams:  Implementing a General Collective Intelligence to Radically Increase Capacity to Achieve Global Systemic Change;

Maurice Yolles: From General Collective Intelligence to Autopoietic Efficacy – Towards Synergies Across Theory;

Susan Sun: A Comprehensive Description of  Rational Thinking of Individual Brain as the  Basis for General Collective Intelligence – A Family Therapist Perspective;

May 7th: (In Chinese)  

Jason Hu: Beyond Karl Popper How do we see our world now;

Qiang Xu: Describing New Human after Nietzsche’s Superman in Critique of Rousseau’s Wrong Ideas;

Dahang Wei: Types of Aesthetics Leading to Different Cultural Genes;

May 5th:  Why Problem-Solving Becomes A Problem? Answers from Three Different Perspectives;

Klaus Krippendorff(video), Loet Leydesdorff(video), Lowell Christy(video)

April 30th: (In Chinese)  

Dahang Wei:  What Happens to Our Rationality After Nietzsche;  Susan Sun: Edutainment Startup Promoting Rational Thinking Capacity, and Three Game Products; Qiang Xu: New Human after Superman and  Jason Hu: Coordination of Several BP Ideas gemmed from CoR;

April 28thEducational Projects for System Thinking: A Business Plan for A New Non-Profit Organization Pushing Our Ideas into Reality, A Formal Call for More Directors or Advisors;

Kerry Turner(video), John Vodonick(video),, Jason Hu(video),, Group Discussion(video),

April 23: (In Chinese)  Dahang Wei:  Sketch of A New Movie Project;  Susan Sun: Improving Rational Thinking Capacity, Designing Tactics in War of Ideas; Jason Hu: Toolbox of Communicatics;

April 21: What Kind of Group Process the Club of Remy Members Might Like to Adopt? or, How Do We Move This Work Forward?

Jason Hu(video), Jonathan Huxley(video), Richard Knowles(video). Group Discussion(video)

April 14:  Self-Organization, Hierarchy, and Its Complex Relationships in Socio-Economic Systems;

Lucio Biggiero(video), Loet Leydesdorff(video)

April 9: (In Chinese)  (1) The Unrestricted Warfare Online Game to Raise Awareness of Our Situation? (2) Dot Thinking, Line Thinking, and System Thinking – A Social Media Discussion Framework for Current Affairs;

Susan Sun,  Dahang Wei, Qiang Xu, Ellen Tang

April 7:  Problems of Common Metaphors In Dealing with Social Systems;

Klaus Krippendorff(video), Mark Johnson(video), Bernard Scott(video), Group Discussion (video)

April 2:  Isomorphy as A Power Tool in Inter/Cross/Trans-Disciplinary Learning, Information Cocoons, Social Comfort Zones, and System Thinking;

(In Chinese) Jason Hu(video), Dahang Wei, Susan Sun, Qiang Xu, Ellen Tang:

March 31:  Group Processes – Goethe’s Way (Jonathan), Quaker’s Way (Lowell), and ICA ToP Way (Stuart);

Jonathan Huxley(video), Lowell Christy(video), Stuart Umpleby(video)

Our Information Cocoons and Social Comfort Zones, and “My List of Top Concerns – Individual and Social”;

Susan Sun(video),  Qiang Xu, Dahang Wei, Jason Hu

Dual Universe, Double Bind and Three-Fold Vision, Schismogenesis Cases;

Lowell Christy(video), Carlos Sluzki(video)

Family Therapy Process Framework and possible Transition to Organizational and Social Interventions Including Movies;

Susan Sun(video), Dahang Wei

Quantum Entanglement as the Fundament of Life: Consciousness-based Evolution

John Torday(video), Fraze Xia(video), Mark Johnson(video), Klaus Krippendorff(video)

Using A Shared Case to Facilitate Our Mutual Understanding of Key Concepts

Lucio Biggiero(video); Loet Lydesdorff(video); Bernard Scott(video1, video2), Jason Hu(video)

Group Discussion I (video), Group Discussion II (video), Group Discussion III (video)

Facilitating Growth of Intellectual Leaders – Potential of Growing CoR into an Online Doctoral Program of System Thinking?  

Qiang Xu, Dahang Wei, Jason Hu

Designing/Resigning Government Session II,  continue of Jan. 27 session (by Bob Knisely, Stuart Umpleby, Lowell Christy)

George Mobus(Video), Marc Pierson(Video), Klaus Krippendorff(video)

Group Discussion 1(Video), Group Discussion 2(Video)

Critical Cybernetics (II) and Distinctions between Cybernetics and System Science

Mike Jackson(Video), Juancho Barron(Video), George Mobus(Video), Group Discussion (Video)

Distinctions between Cybernetics and System Science, and Critical Cybernetics (I)

Larry Richard(video), Klaus Krippendorff(video)

Follow-up for My View about What’s Wrong in the U.S.(Chinese Session)

Q. Xu: Noam Chomsky’s Success Case of Propagating His Ideas(video)

D. Wei: Proposal of Action Plan for Club of Remy(video)

J. Hu: Government Design Perspective II – Discussing Recent High-Impact Documentaries(video)

Designing Government  (Based on Bob’s 22-minutes video: https://youtu.be/COZX9TXWnqY   Bob requests everyone attending to view this video BEFORE the session so we can jump into the discussions right away.)

Bob Knisely(video), Stuart Umpleby(video), Lowell Christy(video), Group Discussion(Video)

My View about What’s Wrong in the U.S. (Chinese Session)

Michael Q. Xu(video), Dahang Wei(video), Jason Hu(video)

Digitalization and Social Responsibility 

Igor Perko(video), Matjaz Mulej(video), Teodora Ivanusa(video)

The Unknown Ashby – Ultrastability (from Different Perspectives);

Manel Pretel-Wilson(video), Stuart Umpleby(video), Jason Hu(video)