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2020 Events


Meta-Topic: My TIU (Topics Important Urgent) of 2021 on One Slide 

A New Year Resolution Social Chat for everyone who is interested(video)

Evolution of Science – Club of Remy Conference July 2020

Jason H. HU(video), Louis H KAUFFMAN(video), Hans von STORCH(video), Edmundo Balsemão PIRES(video), Eva BUCHINGER(video), Bernard SCOTT(video), Robert J MARTIN(video), Stuart UMPLEBY(video)

Culture Genes 

Jason H. HU(video, Chinese), Luxing LIU, Daoping WU, Jianren HUANG

Cultural Criticism

Daoping WU(video, Chinese), Jason H. HU, Luxing LIU, Jianren HUANG

The “People” Under Authoritarian Values

Jianren HUANG(video, Chinese), Daoping WU, Jason H. HU, Luxing LIU

OutLook For China

Luxing LIU(video, Chinese), Daoping WU, Jianren HUANG, Jason H. HU(video, Chinese)

The Current Stealth War Attack from China And Possible Strategies to Deal with It

BG Robert SPALDING(video), Jingsheng WEI/Ciping HUANG(video), Jason J. HU(video)

The Unintended Consequences or Intended Subversion of Social Media and Narratives

Stuart UMPLEBY(video), Phillip Thomas(video)

Threats and Opportunities in the Global Race for Influence, Law of Requisite Variety, Complexity and Reflexivity.

Joseph Bosco(video), Peter T. LEWIS(video), Morris BOSIN(video)

How Ignorant I Am – A primer for Experimental Epistemology and System Thinking

Dr. Jason Hu lecture for Half-Cup Association(video, English PPT, Chinese Presentation)

How should the U.S. deal with the CCP Threat – Four Presentations and Focus Conversation

Dr. Jason Hu (DC);  Dr. Pingshan Zhao (NJ),  Dr. John J Han (Australia), Dr. Jianren Huang (San Jose)

A Taxonomy of System Thinking

Dr. Jason Hu lecture for Half-Cup Association (video, English PPT, Chinese Presentation)