Comparing the Process of Writing Your Book Versus Joining A Club of Remy Discussion

Comparing the Process of Writing Your Book Versus Joining A Club of Remy Discussion

  • A Reflection of How To Transmit Your Insights To Benefit More People

 JJH 2020

 (Numbers and percentages in this piece of writing are fake or my best guess. They should be different from case to case, feel free to make adjustments to them for your own case, but the general idea holds.)


A:  The Book-Writing Path

  • “Our world is so different today – today everybody wants to write a book.” – Quote found on Cyperus papyrus paper reed in Egypt 3000 B.C.. Therefore… you decided to write a book too to leave your great discovery/invention/viewpoints/significant insights to the world;
  • You spend a year by yourself, or a month with 12 assistants, to accomplish your manuscript;
  • You enter into the game of finding a publisher for your book, then being told that you need to find your agent first;
  • You go to book fairs and publisher conferences to market your manuscript to the potential publishing agents;
  • You are offered the option of “self-publishing” your book by some dealers, at your cost. I.e. you buy 300 copies of your own book from them and they will do the printing for you. You decided not to do that;
  • After many meetings and interviews finally, you get your book contract, but you have to suffer from that pain-on-your-neck editor, what the heck! Several rounds of modifying and editing must be done;
  • Eventually, the finalized draft is sent to a printer. Now you pray that the bookstores will order your book to put on their display shelves! If you pay a good fee they might even put it in their windows!
  • The Library of Congress ordered one copy, thus your book of 2 inches thick is added to their 800 miles long bookshelves – Now it is 800 miles plus 2 inches long!
  • You go to a bookstore to buy one of your books as a souvenir, noticing that 80% of the book shoppers pull it out from the shelf, flipped a few pages, and put it back. You silently call them an idiot.
  • After two or three years, 2000 copies of your book are sold. You are now an accomplished book author! Congratulations.
  • 20% of people who bought your book actually read them through. (400 people get your message).
  • 5% of your actual readers wrote a letter to you or wrote a review on Amazon. (So, you gain 20 more contacts)
  • You and your 20 new contacts now engage in conversations, which might lead you to plan for another book!


B: The Club of Remy Path

  • You have a good idea, a topic, you think is Important and Urgent, i.e. you have a TIU. Come to Club of Remy, the first step is to write your TIU into a TAO – Title, Abstract, Outline, and email to Jason, an organizer of CoR;
  • Your TAO is sent to all member of CoR (70+ thinkers and growing) as a CFD – Call For Discussants;
  • Once you have two more discussants, each will develop 7 Slides for the discussion and video recording, and a meeting will be conducted;
  • Your insights together with the discussants’ different perspectives are being conversed, recorded, and PUBLISHED online for countless potential viewers. If your ideas are really good, the world gets it at this step.

So, which path would you choose?

Example: Jason had a message to be sent to the U.S. policymakers two years ago. He made a video program and published it online, instead of writing a book. In a few months, the number of people who viewed the program surpassed the total number of all his audiences in all of the many conferences he presented in the previous 37 years (1982-2019),  and the people who are targeted recipients of this message all received it.

This is why you are invited to join Club of Remy, seriously!