Tips and Hints for Technical Issues of Our Video Meetings

1-      Get a faster Internet connection to your house – if your provider has three options: $20, $50, or $80 per month, switch to the top package or at least the mid package, avoid the bottom. This current pandemic is not going to leave us soon and we are becoming more dependent on the Internet, so it is an essential utility worth a budget increase.

2-      Use a LAN cable to connect your computer to your modem/router instead of relying on WIFI. That will speed up and smoother the video stream and you will have a better connection.

3-      Use a USB video camera if your laptop camera is not HD quality (1920x1080p), that will improve your image on the video recordings – your future audience will like that. Also an external camera allows you to position it to a better angle – so you won’t have those bigger jaw image twisted by your laptop camera.

4-      I use multiple LCD TVs (at least two) as monitors. This strategy drastically improves working efficiency – you have more “desktop space”, you can have both of your PPT slides show and your Zoom window, and your browser and your word processor handy. More importantly, the larger screen allows you to see from the index page of your emails some of the contents of the email, so you can “delete” more efficiently without having to open the ones that are wasting your time.

5-      Use wireless keyboard -smaller and lighter ones – so you have more freedom in your sitting positions. Also, use TWO wireless mouses – one regular “on-table” and one in-palm roller ball – that allows you to browse the web without stretching your hand on your table – an effective stress reducer indeed.

6-      Zoom also offers a number of virtual backgrounds for your image or even video background with some moving elements – such as our “Welcome to Club of Remy” screen. If you explore the Zoom platform a little more you will find it. Using that is an improvement if you only have a ceiling fan or a blank wall behind you.

7-      For those of you who can only join our meeting with audio-only for various reasons, please send me a picture of yourself so we can put it in the video when you talk – otherwise, the video will be a black screen, which is not very good.