The Current Stealth War from China

The Current Stealth War from China

-- Wei Jingsheng's Speech at the George Washington University Seminar on China

February 14, 2020

The recent Wuhan pneumonia has caused panic all over the world.  There is already a lot of evidence, and most Chinese netizens have thought that this as the consequence of the research on biological warfare by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  It is not a secret for most Chinese people that the CCP studies various unconventional military methods.  Of course, few people can get evidence, so many Americans will rashly think that things without evidence are things that don't exist.  So they may also think that we are discussing something that doesn't exist today.

The Chinese Communist regime established the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the 1950s (then named "the Wuhan Microbiology Laboratory") and it was affiliated with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences (of the People's Liberation Army).  This Academy of Military Medical Sciences is to study various means of warfare that are over-limit, including biological warfare.  The Chinese Academy of Military Sciences calls war methods other than normal methods as 'over-limit' warfare, and has specialized theoretical research and writings.  Its basic idea is that it can do whatever it takes to win.  Moreover, it is better to use a means that the enemy cannot think of or respond to, so they are called  means of war that exceed the limit.

But the over-limit wars that military experts are talking about are still technical and can be predicted by everyone.  They are still categorized as conventional methods in ancient Chinese military theory.  The more important part of ancient Chinese military thought, the part of espionage, has not be understood by most people.  The spies mentioned here are not just relatively low-level spies who steal information.  The concept of the "spy" in Chinese mainly refers to infiltrating the enemy to provoke alienation and guide the enemy to make mistakes; followed by the theft of high-level and strategic intelligence.

Those who steal general intelligence are not called spies, with special names, and they belong to lower military units.  The majority of spies were under the direct leadership of the highest authorities or the professional departments directly under the highest authorities.  From the Red Army period of the 1930s, the senior spies of the Chinese Communist Party were directly under command of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai.  These names are now published in public and are no longer a secret.

The kind of strategic intelligence provided by Larry Wu-Tai Chin, many Americans don't even consider "intelligence."  That is because it includes neither military content, nor scientific or commercial content.  It was the thoughts of high-level Americans, including a kind of thought that had not even been expressed.  But this kind of political intelligence is precisely the most important and advanced intelligence.  History has proven that Larry Chin's intelligence saved Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party at a critical moment and changed the world's political landscape since the 1970s.  With the continuous operation of the CCP in the past 50 years and the assistance of American traitors, it has caused an awkward situation in Sino-US relations today.

The CCP's current level of operation far exceeds the era of Larry Wu-Tai Chin.  In the US Congress, in the White House, in the State Department and in almost all government agencies; in European and American universities, think tanks, and the media, one could see the influence of the CCP's political espionage everywhere.  Not only do they leak important strategic thoughts like Larry Chin, they also provide false information and misleading ideas.  The fundamental strategic mistakes that the United States has made over the past thirty some years, from those officers below the President are the result of their joint efforts.

This has affected not only political circles in the United States, but also the media and intellectual circles, as well as public opinion.  It has misled and anesthetized the entire American society.  The Chinese Communist Party incites the Chinese people to hate the United States everyday.  Yet, why does the United States, from the president to the people, think Communist China is a friendly country?  Who covered up the Communist Party's propaganda against the United States?  It is the spies that infiltrate the officials at all levels, and the scholars and media that are also infiltrated and bought in.

This is a kind of deep penetration and a clever espionage war that has inherited and developed the espionage thoughts of China for three thousand years.  And its level is close to or surpasses the most famous model of spy wars in ancient times.  The United States is now aware of the CCP 's hostilities only because of its losses over trade.  But its thinking is just that China is thieving, without a real realization that a deep and comprehensive spy war is leading the United States to decline and failure.

The most recent example is what guides the USA to make the decades long blood transfusion to the Chinese economy.  Now it is departing from a trade war that it should win, to gradually going toward failure.  If it fails this time, it may be the last chance to stop the USA from declining.  In the near future, when Chinese economic and military strength approaches that of the United States, with the assistance of real espionage wars, the United States will forever lose the opportunity to turn a defeat into a victory.  It will be like the many richest and most powerful kingdoms in ancient China that were destroyed in the hands of their weaker opponents.  There are some similar stories in Western history as well, although the descriptions and explanation by historians are different.